Your NHBC Buildmark Warranty

Your 10 Year NHBC Buildmark Warranty explained

The Wiggett Homes warranty covers your property for the first two years, from the date of legal completion. This warranty covers defects caused by our faulty workmanship or materials, where we have failed to meet the NHBC requirements when building your new home.

For the eight years after the Wiggett Homes two-year warranty, your home is protected by the NHBC against specified structural problems.

Your warranty does not protect you against every event or circumstance, including but not limited to:

  • Anything that the Buildmark certificate says is excluded;
  • Anything done to your home or the land after the completion date, except for work done by Wiggett Homes or the NHBC to meet their responsibilities under Buildmark;
  • Cosmetic defects that have not been reported within seven days of legal completion.
  • Gradual deterioration, wear and tear, neglect and failure to do appropriate maintenance;
  • Damp, condensation, shrinkage, thermal movement and movement between different types of materials, that is not a result of the Builder failing to meet NHBC requirements;
  • Not being able to use or enjoy your home or the land, financial loss, inconvenience and distress;
  • Storms and other severe weather conditions.

Full details of your Buildmark Warranty, including general conditions and exclusions can be found on the NHBC website.